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Aluminum Extrusion: Industrial Innovation and Cost Effectiveness

Alüminyum ekstrüzyon

Aluminum extrusion is mostly created by shaping aluminum in different molds. Thanks to the extrusion process, aluminum profiles can be manufactured in different shapes. Aluminum extrusion cooling is a process performed with air and water.

What is Aluminum Extrusion?

The question of what is aluminum extrusion can be answered that it is a process that allows the material to be shaped by heating aluminum in a certain way, passing it through the die and forcing it to flow through a hole. Since the shape of the die is applied along the aluminum after extrusion, aluminum profiles of different sizes and shapes can be obtained.

Aluminum extrusion

Aluminum extrusion

What are the Stages of Aluminum Extrusion?

The aluminum extrusion die process goes through certain stages. To specify these stages;

  • First of all, aluminum billets should be heated to 350 to 500 degrees.
  • After reaching the desired temperature, the lubricant should be transferred as a thin film.
  • It is necessary to prevent the mold or material from sticking together due to heat.
  • After this stage, the billet carrier must be transferred.
  • The billets of aluminum billets must be crushed by the opposite die when they are in full contact with the bearing walls. This process, carried out by the aluminum extrusion press machine, pushes the aluminum through the die. At this stage, liquid nitrogen or nitrogen gas should be thrown around the mold to cool the process.
  • As a result of its pressure, the billet is squeezed out of the cavity of the aluminum mold. This allows the temperature to be measured and recorded instantaneously after the extrusion process.
  • During extrusion drawing, cooling must be completed by means of a series of fans whose output is the length of the cooling cable.
  • The oxide part is thrown on top of the billet billet.
  • When the extrusion reaches the desired length, the profile is cut with the help of a saw.

In summary, this is how the processes take place with the aluminum extrusion machine. It is a service that should be provided by expert teams. It can be said to be a detailed and comprehensive process.

How Does Aluminum Extrusion Machine Work?

The working principle of aluminum extrusion press machine is comprehensive and detailed. It is possible to say that there are many processes that take place during operation. In this direction, if you want to create a functional use with the aluminum extrusion machine, you should know that you should work with companies that are experts in this field. Aluminum extrusion service offered by professional, experienced and qualified companies ensures that your needs are fully met.

Aluminum extrusion

Aluminum extrusion

Things to Consider During the Use of Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum extrusion presses and lines, which are used for many purposes and cover a detailed process, have some factors to be considered during use. Aluminum profile extrusion takes place through aluminum extrusion presses. Increasing the carrying capacity of the presses leads to an increase in billet diameters. This allows maximum mold sizes to be increased. In the first stage of the aluminum profile extrusion process, it is necessary to obtain a piece of metal, i.e. a mold, which is used to create the desired aluminum shape. The aluminum part then needs to be heated and forced into the mold with the help of a steel piston. The extruded aluminum is then moved to the cooling area and placed on a long table. The aluminum extrusion process can take place in two different ways, hot or cold. It is possible to say that the factors to be considered in this field are known by experts in the field, so transactions can only be carried out by experts.

Aluminum Extrusion Prices 2024

Prices are among the most curious questions about this process, which is given by aluminum extrusion mold companies and considered as a qualified process. It can be said that prices vary depending on various factors. The scope of the service provided, the desired result, the machines used and the process determine the prices. It is possible to say that you should only work with expert teams in this field, otherwise the result will not satisfy you enough. Working with a team of experts in the field ensures that problems that may occur during the period are prevented.


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