In the automotive and complementary industries, the use of aluminum is becoming increasingly important. In this sector, high-strength, lightweight, and durable materials are preferred, and aluminum is among the leading materials that meet these requirements. The use of aluminum in automotive production is rapidly increasing due to its flexibility and performance, which can adapt to constantly changing demands. With the rise of electric vehicles in recent years, the importance of weight reduction has become even more crucial, making aluminum indispensable in the automotive sector.

Due to its ease of processing, recyclability, and lightweight nature, aluminum has contributed significantly to efficiency in vehicles. It is actively used in various components such as chassis and body parts, door and window frames, door sills and bellows, interior trim parts, and cooling systems.

ERA Aluminum produces high-strength and lightweight products, especially in EN AW 6005, 6005A, 6061, and 6082 alloys, for the automotive and automotive ancillary industries. Our products undergo mechanical processing within DIN EN ISO 2768-m tolerances and are ISO 9001 certified.

We Carry the Power of Aluminum to the Future.

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