ERA Group Aluminum: Sustainable Manufacturing

ERA Group Aluminum is a leading company operating in the aluminum extrusion and mechanical processing sector, committed to sustainability principles. Our company strives for a sustainable future through environmentally friendly production processes, innovative R&D efforts, and effective waste management.

Green Production Processes

We continuously strive for improvements in energy efficiency and resource utilization in our production facilities. By increasing investments in renewable energy sources, we aim to minimize our environmental impact.

We meticulously manage waste disposal. To reduce waste generation, we promote recycling and reuse programs. We ensure the most efficient utilization of recycled materials. Aluminum, which is recyclable up to 98%, is reclaimed as raw material and as a finished product at the end of the process.

Product Innovations and Design

We consider sustainability principles in the design phase of our products. The use of lightweight and durable aluminum profiles supports energy efficiency and effective resource utilization.

We conduct continuous R&D efforts to offer eco-friendly solutions to our customers. By developing innovative products, we provide more sustainable building materials.

R&D and Innovation

At our R&D center, we focus on continuous improvements and innovations in aluminum extrusion technologies. This enables us to develop more efficient and environmentally friendly production methods.

Our R&D efforts on innovative materials and processes not only provide our customers with a competitive advantage but also help us reduce our environmental impact.

Waste Management

Our waste management strategy focuses on minimizing waste generation and ensuring the proper disposal of waste without harming the environment.

We promote waste classification, recycling, and reuse practices. By continuously reviewing our waste management processes, we develop more efficient and environmentally friendly approaches.

Social Contributions

We are committed to creating a sustainable future not only through our business activities but also by fulfilling our social responsibilities. We support environmental projects and contribute to education and awareness campaigns.

At ERA Grup Alüminyum, we uphold our sustainability vision at the highest level in all our activities, fulfilling our responsibility to the environment and future generations. We remain dedicated to working towards a greener world.

We Carry the Power of Aluminum to the Future.

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