Our Corporate Values

Customer Oriented

We understand our customers’ needs and expectations quickly and accurately with all our units and we take an agile, proactive, reliable and innovative approach to meet expectations.

Operational Conditions

Within the framework of the law, the safety of employees in the workplace is ensured and their health is protected. The basis of our operations is defined business systematics and data-based systems.

Human Resource

Focus of our resource is employees attach importance to knowledge sharing, development, success and teamwork. We create opportunities that will contribute to the development of our employees and approached with trust and respect.

Ethical Stance

We respect social, political and cultural values in every region where we operate, and act honestly in accordance with the law and business ethics. We attach importance to fair and clear communication.

Sustainable Growth

We produce with an approach that complies with the law, valuing the natural structure of our country, the environment and nature. We aim for the development of our sector in order to increase the value of our country on international platforms.

We Carry the Power of Aluminum to the Future.

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