Aluminum Extrusion: Industrial and Architectural Applications

Aluminum extrusion stands out as one of the various processing methods of the metal, which is widely used in industry. This process allows aluminum to be cut and shaped in certain ways to obtain profiles, a material with a long, straight or curved structure.

The extrusion process starts by first heating the raw material. The heated aluminum is passed through a cutting die and forced to take the specified form. In this process, aluminum is cut into shapes suitable for aluminum molds and precise and durable aluminum profiles are produced with the help of special molds.

The advantages of extrusion make this method preferred in industry. Properties such as light weight, durability, low density and corrosion resistance support the widespread use of aluminum in various industries. For this reason, the aluminum extrusion process plays an important role in various applications in different sectors.

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Aluminum Extrusion Usage Areas

Aluminum extrusion profile features have a wide range of usage areas by providing different advantages in various sectors. These profiles stand out with their durable, lightweight and aesthetic structure and are widely preferred in many sectors.

Aluminum extrusion is preferred in many different sectors and has various usage areas due to the advantages it provides. In addition to being heat resistant, their good conductivity makes them widely used in the energy field. The areas of use of materials and products produced by extrusion method in different sectors are as follows.

Transportation Vehicles

Extrusion profiles are frequently used in transportation vehicles such as automobiles, ships, trains, subways, cars and airplanes. Their lightweight yet durable construction enhances the performance of vehicles and improves fuel efficiency.

Building Sector

Extrusion profiles are widely used in facade cladding systems of buildings, windows, doors and other building elements. It is preferred for its aesthetic appearance and durability.

Electricity Industry

It is also used in the electrical industry in applications requiring conductivity and durability. It plays an important role in the transportation and protection of electrical cables.

Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing

In the manufacture of machinery and equipment, aluminum extrusion profiles are also used in the manufacture of various parts. Their durable and machinable structure increases the efficiency of the machines.

Space Vehicles

The materials used in the structures and equipment of spacecraft must be light but durable. Extruded profiles are therefore preferable for the manufacture of spacecraft. The areas of use of aluminum extrusion have wide areas of use and can be diversified to meet different needs in every sector. Their durable construction and long lifetime make them ideal for many industrial applications.

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