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ERA Aluminum Leading the Future with Innovative Solutions

ERA Alüminyum

ERA Aluminum stands out as a brand that shapes the future by offering innovative solutions for various industries with its wide range of products. The lightness, durability and flexibility of aluminum enables our company to position its products with a competitive advantage in different sectors. ERA Aluminum aims to offer solutions suitable for the needs of the future with its continuous R&D studies and customer-oriented approach.

Building Construction Products

ERA Aluminum’s building construction products are designed to meet modern architectural requirements. The lightness and durability of aluminum offers preferred solutions in the construction industry. A wide range of products, from window and door systems to facade claddings, sun shades to barrier systems, meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of buildings.

Cooling Products

Aluminum is also a widely used material in cooling systems. ERA Aluminum’s cooling products are optimized for industrial and commercial applications. The heat conduction properties of aluminum enable these products to transfer heat effectively, which improves energy efficiency.

ERA Aluminum

ERA Aluminum

Solutions for the Automotive Industry

ERA Aluminum offers lightweight and durable solutions in the automotive industry. The use of aluminum alloys increases safety and performance while reducing the weight of vehicles. The company continues to add value to the automotive industry by producing reliable and innovative parts.

Rail System Solutions

Aluminum plays an important role in the structural components of trains and trams used in rail systems. ERA Aluminum’s rail solutions aim to create safe and efficient transportation systems using lightweight and durable materials.


Aluminum is the material of choice for modern furniture design. ERA Aluminum’s furniture products stand out with their stylish and durable designs. The flexibility of aluminum allows the production of products of various shapes and sizes in furniture design.

ERA Aluminum

ERA Aluminum

Solar Energy

Aluminum is a widely used material in solar panel mounting systems. ERA Aluminum’s solar energy solutions provide reliable and durable structures for solar panel mounting. These solutions help renewable energy sources reach a wider audience.

ERA Aluminum shapes the future by responding to the needs of different sectors with its innovative and diverse products. In line with ever-evolving technology and customer expectations, the company continuously improves and expands its products and services. Therefore, you can contact us immediately to benefit from the quality and affordable prices of aluminum!

There are Many Reasons to Choose Aluminum!

Aluminum is considered a quality, cost-effective and trouble-free material. We can list some factors that support these properties of aluminum as follows:

  • Quality: Aluminum is a material known for its high strength and corrosion resistance. These characteristics make it a reliable choice in many industries. The durability of aluminum makes it possible to produce long-lasting products.
  • Cost Effective: Aluminum is generally more cost-effective compared to other metals. The abundance of raw materials used in the production process and the ease of processing make aluminum a cost-effective choice. In addition, the light weight of aluminum can also reduce transportation and assembly costs.
  • Trouble-Free Use: Aluminum is a durable and corrosion-resistant material, making it ideal for long-term use. In addition, the machinability and flexibility of aluminum allows it to suit a variety of design needs. These features enable aluminum to be processed smoothly and used in different applications.

These properties of aluminum make it preferred in many industries. Used in construction, automotive, energy, packaging and many other sectors, aluminum offers many advantages to both producers and consumers. The fact that it is cost-effective and offers a quality and trouble-free use is among the reasons why aluminum is preferred. For these reasons, we base our solutions on aluminum and are able to provide functional solutions!


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