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Aluminum Extrusion Technologies Shaping the Structures of the Future

Geleceğin Yapılarına Yön Veren Alüminyum Ekstrüzyon Teknolojileri

Aluminum extrusion is a technology that allows aluminum to be produced in profiles of various shapes. This technology can be said to be a kind of manufacturing process. This process, in which aluminum metals are heated and transformed into profiles of various shapes through a press, is carried out with the help of molds.

How is Aluminum Extrusion Made?

Aluminum extrusion technologies offer advantages in different ways. The most important feature that provides an advantageous use is the factors taken into consideration during production. First, materials are prepared for the aluminum extrusion process. After determining the aluminum alloy to be used at this stage, the necessary preparations are made. The materials used at this stage are decisive for the strength and durability properties of the profiles.

Aluminum Extrusion Technologies Shaping the Structures of the Future

Aluminum Extrusion Technologies Shaping the Structures of the Future

Then the materials to be used are heat treated. For the extrusion process, aluminum profiles must be melted at a suitable temperature. This makes the material suitable for pressing.

After the heated aluminum is placed in one of the presses, the requested profiles or shapes are started to be created thanks to the molds. Thanks to the use of the press, it becomes much easier to achieve the desired shapes. However, aluminum is an easy metal to shape. Therefore, even special shapes required for different projects can be easily created thanks to aluminum extrusion.

Forming is done with the help of presses. For this, molds are placed inside the press machine. After this stage is completed, cooling and then cutting is started. The production process is very practical as it cools quickly. After all stages are completed, surface treatment is started. However, if necessary, a tolerance check is performed. At this stage, different coating processes such as painting and polishing are applied.

As a result of the aluminum extrusion production process, aluminum profiles with the desired shape and aesthetics are obtained. Aluminum extrusion, which offers a significant diversity in terms of industrial application range, can be preferred in different sectors. The fact that it is preferred for sectors with different needs, such as the construction sector or the electronics sector, shows that it offers an advantageous use.

Aluminum Extrusion Technologies Shaping the Structures of the Future

Aluminum Extrusion Technologies Shaping the Structures of the Future

Why Aluminum Extrusion is Advantageous?

Aluminum extrusion is advantageous in many ways. Aluminum extrusion profiles used in different sectors create privilege in the areas where they are used. The advantages they provide can be discussed as follows:

  • They offer a considerable variety in terms of shape and profile possibilities. They can easily enter different shapes and do not cause difficulties during production.
  • They have great success in terms of strength. Despite their strong structure, their light weight is one of the main reasons why they are preferred.
  • They offer a significant wealth of corrosion resistance. In addition to being naturally corrosion resistant, the extrusion process makes aluminum more resistant through the application of additional protective coatings.
  • Aluminum extrusion profiles have high machinability. Therefore, they can also be preferred for special and detailed projects.
  • It is possible to say that it is a financially efficient product group. It is the choice of many people who want to make an economically correct decision in large-scale production.
  • Aluminum extrusion creates profiles suitable for recycling. This helps to make the right decision in the environment.

Your Projects are More Valuable with Aluminum Extrusion Technologies

The properties of aluminum extrusions have privileged characteristics. This technique, which is considered as a kind of technology and enables the emergence of aluminum extrusion profiles with the desired shape as a result, produces materials that can be used in different sectors. Aluminum extrusion technology, which emerged due to the developing technology, helps all projects to become more valuable, regardless of which sector they are in. It has a long list of advantages it provides with its preference. In the long run, it helps your project become more valuable and contributes to making a sensible decision in economic terms. Apart from all these, it is also positive in terms of environmental factors.

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